TAC Committee Documents November 2, 2017 Meeting Materials

Interim Long-Range Transportation Plan 2017-2037 (draft)

As per federal regulations, the State is required to have a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) updated every five years to be able to amend the TIP.  Based on the current update timeline, the State will face a gap of approximately six months between the expiration of the current LRTP in December 2017 and the completion of the new 2040 LRTP. Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration have agreed to accept an interim update of the current plan to cover the gap.  As this is an interim update, the changes are minor in nature and are limited to updates to certain available data, maps, legislative reference, replacing obsolete text and revising the planning horizon from 2035 to 2037. These updates only included available data such as from the Transportation Improvement Plan FY 2017-2025 and the Freight and Goods Master Plan and did not require the creation of new policies or the generation of new data. This interim LRTP update is an administrative exercise and is totally separate from the 2040 LRTP, Bicycle Master Plan, and Transit Master Plan scheduled for completion in between Summer and Fall 2018. These changes are summarized below:

Interim Long Range Transportation Plan

Intro Chapter

  • Updated individuals of organizations

Part 1

  • Updated the plan approval process, p. 1-3
  • Added the scope for the interim LRTP, p. 1-4 to 1-5
  • Added the FAST Act provisions, p. 1-10 to 1-14
  • Included the 2014 Recertification Recommendations, p. 1-14 to 1-18
  • Updated Freight Planning Needs Assessment per the Freight Plan, p. 1-21
  • Updated bus ridership information, p. 1-35

Part 2

  • Updated street network data, p. 2-1 to 2-3
  • Revised Future Needs Section for transit and Commuter Rail sections to acknowledge the upcoming Transit Master Plan, p. 2-7
  • Updated Freight data from the Freight Master Plan, p. 2-12 to 2-13
  • Updated Aviation data, p. 2-14

Part 3

  • Updated available FHWA Funds from FY17-25 STIP, p. 3-2
  • GARVEE Financial Update p. 3-4
  • Bus and Related Transit, p. 3-6
  • Fixed Guideway Rail, p. 3-7
  • Rhodeworks Updated p. 3-9
  • Updated Gas Tax from FY17-25 STIP, p. 3-10
  • Registration and License Fees from FY17-25 STIP, 3-12
  • Allocation of Highway and Transit Funds updated to FY 2037, 3-17

Part 4

  • Natural Resources, p. 4-1
  • Dam Safety, p. 4-6
  • Sea Level Rise, p. 4-6 to 4-8

Part 5

  • No Changes

Appendix A

Appendix B


  • Hurricane Evacuation Routes, Transportation Facilities System Map, Roads Threatened by Dam Failure, Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge.