State Planning Council

The Council oversees the Division of Statewide Planning's work. The State Planning Council adopts goals and policies related to planning, most of which are contained within individual plans, which are elements of the State Guide Plan. The Council has been designated as a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for transportation planning purposes and, as such, the Council adopts the Transportation Improvement Program, a four-year program of transportation investments.  As the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) Committee for the state, the Council maintains the state's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and reviews and ranks projects for funding consideration by the U.S. Economic Development Administration. The body also advises the Governor on strategic planning matters.

State Planning Council Members

There are 27 members of the State Planning Council representing a range of interests. They have created three standing committees to assist in the oversight of continuing operations: the Technical Committee, the Transportation Advisory Committee and the RIGIS Executive Committee. The State Planning Council and its three (3) standing committees follow adopted Rules and Standards.

  • Michael DiBiase, Chair, Rhode Island Department of Administration, Director
  • Rosemary Powers , Vice Chair, Governor's Office
  • Paul DiGiuseppe , Secretary, Rhode Island Division of Planning, Interim Associate Director
  • Peter Alviti, Rhode Island Department of Transportation, Director
  • Jeanne Boyle, Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns, President's Designee
  • Lisa Bryer, AICP, Rhode Island League of Cities & Towns, Local Government Representative
  • Janet Coit, Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Director
  • Jeanne Cola, Representative of Nonprofit Housing
  • Roy Coulombe, Public member
  • Brian Daniels, Rhode Island League of Cities and Towns, Executive Director
  • Barbara Fields, Executive Director, Rhode Island Housing
  • Grover Fugate, Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council
  • Carol Grant, Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, Executive Director
  • Marcus Mitchell, Small Business Representative
  • Thomas Mullaney, Rhode Island Department of Administration, Budget Office
  • Bonnie Nickerson, AICP, City of Providence - Department of Planning and Development, Director
  • Ann M. Nolan, RI Housing Resources Commission, Chair
  • Sandy O’Connor, Governor’s Designee
  • Amy Pettine, Acting Director, RI Public Transit Authority
  • Stefan Pryor, Secretary of Commerce
  • M. James Riordan,Public Member
  • Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, Rhode Island Department of Health, Director
  • Girard R. Visconti, Esq., Employer with more than 50 Employees
  • Scott Wolf, Environmental Advocate

For more information about the State Planning Council, including meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, please visit the Secretary of State's website.