Technical Committee

The State Planning Council's Technical Committee is a permanent advisory committee that reviews the Statewide Planning Program staff work on major plans and provides other advice as requested by the State Planning Council. Membership of the Technical Committee parallels that of the State Planning Council, with representatives of state agencies, local governments, citizens from different areas of the state, and federal advisory members. The Chief of Statewide Planning serves as Secretary. The Committee is intended to ensure representation of diverse interests and views in the Statewide Planning Program's activities.

Many of the activities of the Technical Committee parallel those of the State Planning Council. The Committee holds regular monthly meetings and reviews staff reports throughout the year. State Guide Plan elements and documents are reviewed by the Technical Committee before being recommended to the State Planning Council for action.

Technical Committee Members

  • Robert Azar, AICP, Chair, City of Providence - Department of Planning & Development
  • Michael DeLuca, AICP, Vice Chair, Town of Narragansett - Community Development
  • Roberta Groch, AICP, Secretary, Division of Statewide Planning
  • John Chambers, Fuss and O'Neill
  • Steve Devine, Rhode Island Department of Transportation
  • Nate Kelly, AICP, Horsley Witten-Group, Incorporated
  • Thomas Kogut, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission
  • Nicole LaFontaine, AICP, Town of North Kingstown - Planning Department
  • Randy Warden , Federal Highway Administration, Division Administrator
  • Paul Jordan, Department of Environmental Management
  • Mason Perrone, Town of Cumberland
  • Arnold Robinson, AICP, Roger Williams University
  • Jan Shedd, RI Department of Health
  • Ashley Sweet, Exeter Town Planner
  • Michael Walker, Rhode Island Commerce Corporation
  • Jeffrey Willis, Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council
  • Ronald Wolanski, AICP, Town of Middletown

For more information about the Technical Committee, including meeting schedule, agendas and minutes, please visit the Rhode Island Secretary of State's website.