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Community Development Block Grants

CDBG FY 2014 Draft Action Plan


The CDBG program is governed by regulations of 24 CFR Part 570.  Under these guidelines, the State manages the program for those 33 Rhode Island municipalities which do not receive an allocation directly from HUD.  The Cities of Cranston, East Providence, Pawtucket, Providence, Warwick and Woonsocket are "Entitlements" and operate their own programs independent of the State effort.  By regulation, the State may only distribute funds to units of general local government.  These communities may, however, distribute funds to non-profit and other entities to undertake eligible activities.  Organizations interested in applying for CDBG funds should contact municipal CDBG Administrators or planning departments to learn about local priorities and application procedures.

Funds received (approx. $4-$5 Million annually) are distributed using a competitive application process.  Communities submit applications containing a number of activities which are reviewed by a funding committee in accordance with program regulations/policies.  This committee drafts recommendations to the Governor who typically announces awards July-September of each year.  Awards are activity specific.

While the program supports a myriad of activities including housing, economic development, facilities/improvements, services and planning - the program's priorities are housing, economic development and neighborhood revitalization.  Revitalization is a targeting of resources on a designated, distressed, predominately low- and moderate- income neighborhood.  All activities must meet a national objective, the primary of which is predominate benefit to low- and moderate- income persons.

To learn about the CDBG Disaster Recovery program

State Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program (SHARP)
The State has reserved a total of $1 million in “interim financing” CDBG funds to support a State Housing Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program (SHARP).  This program, administered by the Community Housing Land Trust, provides loans to communities, enabling them to purchase and rehabilitate properties which will be used as affordable housing in perpetuity.  The program may be coupled with preagreement and/or a pool of funds to provide for the “gap” between the program income that can be generated through the sale of the property as affordable and the Interim Financing assistance. Program guidelines and procedures are available from the Community Housing Land Trust. Go to:  http://www.housingnetworkri.org/community-housing-land-trust/

CDBG Management and Guidance

  The HUD guides listed below are recommended reading for all municipal CDBG program administrators and their subrecipients.

General Program Information

Program Year 2015 CDBG Application Materials

  Application Forms

HUD/LMISD (Low/Moderate Income Summary Data)

Program Year 2014 CDBG Application Materials

Application Forms

Training Materials

Environmental Review Materials

Drawdown and Reporting Forms

Procurement, Contracting, & Construction Management: