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Community Engagement Working Group

Co-chairs: John Marion and Jessica David

Responsible for managing the development of a statewide census education and communications plan for Rhode Island, that is informed by the needs of hard to count populations in the state.

Activities can include:

  • Adopting a statewide map of targeted HTC communities and key populations
  • Scheduling regular meetings with working groups on census activitiesthrough August 2020, to review progress of census preparations andimplementation and share best practices on addressing challenges thatarise in the field.
  • Monitoring HTC outreach & education activities and events
  • Working with the regional Census Bureau team to strengthenimplementation

Committee Members

  • Angela Bannerman Ankoma
  • Omar Bah
  • Kyle Bennett
  • Meredith Brady
  • Elizabeth Burke Bryant
  • Kathleen Connell
  • Patrick Crowley
  • Jessica David
  • Brenda Dann-Messier
  • Dan Egan
  • Emmanuel Falck
  • Rilwan Feyisitan
  • Marie Fraley
  • Caitlin Frumerie
  • Joseph Molina Flynn
  • Tom Giordano
  • Alyssa Gleason
  • Herson Gonzalez
  • John Marion
  • Tanja Kubas-Meyer
  • Oscar Mejias
  • Karen Mellor
  • Rhonda Mitchell
  • Lauren Nocera
  • Jeannine Nota
  • David Preston
  • Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan
  • TC Rogers
  • Kayla Rosen
  • Jordan Seaberry
  • Claribel Shavers
  • Loren Spears
  • Matt Shumate
  • Nina Stack
  • Jim Vincent
  • Darrell Waldron
  • Chanda Womack
  • Kasim Yarn