Strategic Partnerships Working Group

Co-Chairs: Tom Giordano and Karen Mellor

Responsible for identifying and recruiting key stakeholders to support the 2020 census and to contribute to public engagement and education efforts to increase participation during the count.

Activities can include:

  • Pursuing relationships and communication with key stakeholders, including state and local government officials, philanthropic partners, and other trusted messengers across the state
  • Recruiting and deploying key stakeholders to engage in census activities, including business leaders, libraries, faith leaders, etc

Committee Members

  • LeeAnn Byrne
  • Jessica David
  • Rachel Flum
  • TomGiordano
  • Melissa Husband
  • Karen Mellor
  • David Preston
  • Delia Rodriguez-Masjoan
  • Cortney Nicolato
  • Jeannine Nota
  • Susan Short
  • Matt Shumate
  • NancyWolanski
  • Meredith Brady
  • Patrick Crowley
  • Jeffery Dana
  • Brian Daniels
  • Brenda Dann-Messier
  • Melissa Husband
  • Matt Jerzyk
  • Jeannine Nota
  • Dacia Read
  • KaylaRosen
  • Jeffery Matt Shumate,
  • Jefferey Williams