FFY 2017- 2025
Transportation Improvement Program

FFY 2017-2025 Transportation Improvement Program as Amended

The State Planning Council approved the FFY 17-25 TIP on September 8, 2016. It is a nine-year program. Production included a full solicitation of new projects from Rhode Island state agencies, municipalities, organizations, and individuals. Projects were reviewed by subcommittees of the State Planning Council’s Transportation Advisory Committee, Rhode Island Department of Transportation, and Rhode Island Public Transit Authority staff. Recommendations were incorporated into the full draft FFY 2017-2025 TIP document.

A complete description of the TIP development process is outlined in the TIP document. It includes information on project selection process, funding resources, program descriptions, and analysis of the TIP including analysis of investment areas, fiscal constraint, equity benefits, and climate change. The accompanying TIP tables include a listing of projects programmed from FFY 2017-2025. Most individual project listings in FFY17-FFY20 include a brief description, location, cost estimate and funding source by year.

Other useful FFY 2017-2025 STIP resources: