Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) Amendments

The federally approved TIP may be amended and modified. 

Whenever any adjustment or amendment is proposed, the project sponsor shall provide the Rhode Island Statewide Planning Program (RISPP) a clear explanation justifying the amendment. The project sponsor shall also provide the necessary project data required for the amendment including identification of the new funding source and maps identifying project(s) location and limits.  Fiscal constraint must be maintained when amending and modifying the TIP.

Following initial review of the amendment or administrative adjustment by the RISPP, the amendment is forwarded to the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) and/or State Planning Council for review and approval.  Next, the Secretary of the TAC transmits TIP amendments, as required, to the Governor’s Office for concurrence and transmittal to the FHWA and the FTA for final approval.   In cases where requests for amendments or administrative adjustments are denied, the Secretary of the State Planning Council shall inform the project sponsor in writing.

Procedures to amend the TIP are specified in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Rhode Island State Planning Council (RISPC), the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT), and theRhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). 

Amendments to the FY2013-2016 are listed below.

TIP Amendment Requesting Agency Amendment Classification Date
Amendment #1 Town of Westerly Minor Amendment February 28, 2013
Amendment #2 RI Department of Transporation Administrative Adjustment November 25,2013
TIP Amendment #3 RI Public Transit Authority Administrative Adjustment April 14, 2014
TIP Amendment #4 RIDOT Administrative Adjustment August 5, 2014
TIP Amendment #5 RIPTA Major Amendment March 13, 2015
TIP Amendment #6 RIDOT Minor Amendment December 14, 2015
Amendment #7 RIDOT/RIPTA Major Amendment June 30, 2016