State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) 2022-2031

RI Train Station Providence, RI

The Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2022-2031 Rhode Island State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) was prepared by the Division of Statewide Planning, in cooperation with the Rhode Island Department of Transportation and Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) for adoption by the State Planning Council. It covers the required four-year time period of Federal Fiscal Years FFY 2022-2025, with additional information included for FFY 2026-2031.

The public comment window on the draft STIP will be open from June 10, 2021 to July 12, 2021 at 4:00 pm.

Provide your Comments on the Draft FFY 2022-2031 STIP


In addition to the STIP Project Tables, the STIP’s program of capital projects can be viewed on the online Rhode Island STIP Mapping Application. The mapping application displays the location of all mappable STIP projects. Different project types, such as intersection improvements, bridge replacements, or new bicycle facilities, are shown by using various colors and symbols in the STIP Mapping Applications. Certain types of projects, such as roadway landscaping, lease payments for the use of railroad tracks, reserve line items, or statewide line items, are not mapped.

The STIP Mapping Application contains a “search by address or location” function that can zoom down to a specific address or up to the municipal level for a listing of projects within that municipality.

Detailed Draft STIP 2022-2031 Contents

Section 1: STIP Background

  • Putting the STIP Together
  • Themes and Priorities of the STIP
  • STIP Priority Areas
  • STIP Resources
  • Fiscal Constraint
  • STIP Investment Framework and Program Descriptions
  • Performance Management

Section 2: Analysis of the STIP

  • Program Analysis
  • Program Allocation Summary

Section 3: RIDOT & RIPTA Project Tables

  • STIP Project Tables
  • STIP Online Mapping Application

Section 4: Regionally Significant Projects

  • Funded Regionally Significant Projects
  • Partially Funded Regionally Significant Projects
  • Unfunded Regionally Significant Projects

Section 5: Transportation Equity Benefit Analysis

  • Summary
  • Objective
  • An Overview of Federal Nondiscrimination Executive Orders, Statutes & Authorities
  • Demographic and Socioeconomic Profile Data
  • Mapping
  • Population Definitions
  • STIP Project Distribution
  • Conclusion

Section 6: Transportation Air Quality Conformity

  • Transportation Conformity Determination Report
  • FFY 2022-2031 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)
  • Projects of Regional Significance
  • Transportation Conformity Requirements
  • Conclusion

Section 7: Public Hearing Report