Public Participation

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Public participation is integral to good transportation planning. Meaningful public participation helps improve the decision making process and provides lasting contributions to Rhode Island’s quality of life. Meaningful public participation is central to good decision-making on transportation planning.

The Rhode Island State Planning Council, the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), and Statewide Planning actively seek public input in the transportation planning process, particularly related to the following:

The listing of transportation projects that Rhode Island plans to implement using federal and state funding resources.

Statewide Planning’s Public Participation Plan details how the public can join in transportation planning activities. It also documents much of the transportation planning process so that members of the public can more effectively participate.The fundamental objective of public engagement programs is to ensure that the concerns and issues of the public and transportation stakeholders are identified and addressed in the development of policies, programs, and projects proposed in the state and in their communities. Effective public engagement strategies include procedures to eliminate barriers to active participation by all members of the community, including the traditionally under-served and Limited English Proficient (LEP) populations. As one of a number of planning efforts to address this concern, Statewide Planning has developed a   Public Participation Brochure in Spanish and English language. The Division of Planning maintains a mailing list for public hearing notices.  If you would like to be added to that list, please e-mail your mailing address toCatherine Pitassi