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Local Planning Assistance

Staff Contacts
Kevin Nelson, Supervising Planner

Caitlin Greeley, Principal Planner
Phone: (401) 222-2848

The Division of Planning offers local planning assistance to municipal planners and citizen planners to support the crucial planning work happening at the local level. With an understanding that many of the goals and objectives of the State Guide Plan need to be implemented locally, staff of the Division of Planning see municipalities as our partners and work to support local planning efforts however possible.

The Statewide Planning Program is Here to Help!

One of the central missions of the Statewide Planning Program is to enable cities and towns to create great communities. The staff of the Statewide Planning Program is here to help, with everything from document review to data gathering, fact checking to facilitation. Our staff has expertise in a variety of topics, including GIS and mapping, public participation, data analysis, redevelopment planning and urban design.