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Congestion Management

Staff Contacts
Michael Moan, Principal Planner
(401) 222-1236

The congestion management process is an integral part of the metropolitan planning in Rhode Island.  A Congestion Management Process identifies, analyzes, and evaluates the causes of congestion within the major travel corridors of Rhode Island. It evaluates the effect of implemented strategies to improve these roadways. The process includes all modes of travel.

Congestion Management Task Force (CMTF)
The CMTF is the primary vehicle for the implementation of Rhode Island’s Congestion Management Process (CMP). The CMP combines resources currently used to monitor both recurring and non-recurring congestion, with supplemental data from the Statewide Planning Program, Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA), the Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s (RIDOT) Maintenance and Design Divisions as partners and collaborators. Membership of the CMTF includes multi-disciplinary representation including federal, state, and local officials each with a particular area of expertise and responsibility. For more information on this process please contact Michael Moan.

More information of the Rhode Island Congestion Management Process is available in Transportation 2035, Appendix A and includes congestion mapping.

Access Management Task Force
The Access Management Task Force is a subcommittee of the CMTF. The Task Force is currently working with the RIDOT, the Office of Regulatory Reform and Statewide Planning to assess whether the Physical Alteration Permit (PAP) process appropriately balances the needs of the RIDOT and property owners while also respecting the local role in permitting overall development proposals. The group identified possible disconnects that may exist between the local and state approval processes and produced a final written report that was presented to the CMTF. It includes proposed recommendations for improving the process.

For more information on this process please contact Michael Moan at Michael.Moan@doa.ri.gov