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Transportation 2035

Staff Contacts
Linsey Callaghan, Supervising Planner
(401) 222-6479

Transportation 2035, adopted by the State Planning Council on December 13, 2012, is the State of Rhode Island’s long range transportation plan.  It is multi-modal in nature and has a planning horizon of 20 years.  This plan serves many purposes.  It fulfills federal requirements for statewide and metropolitan planning under current transportation legislation, it provides a long-range framework for coordination among various transportation modes and advancing projects in the Transportation Improvement Program, it sets state policy to guide public and private decisions Route 195 West Providenceinvolving transportation toward the end of improving the economic, social, and environmental well-being of the state, and as a State Guide Plan element, it is a basis for determining consistency of local comprehensive plans and other plans, programs, and projects with state policies. This plan includes goals, objectives, policies and strategies for all different transportation modes throughout the State.  It also includes an analysis of anticipated federal and state transportation funding resources.