Freight Advisory Committee

The Rhode Island Freight Advisory Committee advises the Rhode Island State Planning Council and the Transportation Advisory Committee on freight and goods movement priorities, issues, projects, and funding needs that utilize Rhode Island’s roadways, rail facilities, airports, marine ports, and pipelines.  The committee provides a forum for regional freight stakeholders to discuss strategies to aid in the efficient movement of freight and increase the collaboration between the public and private sector. This committee assists in the implementation of the 2016 State of Rhode Island Freight and Good Movements Plan, as well as advises on evolving issues touching freight transportation planning such as goods and materials costs, fuel costs, regulatory constraints and incentives, and industry trends. Currently, the committee is expected to:

  • Advise the Transportation Advisory Committee and the State Planning Council on freight-related priorities, issues, projects, and funding needs
  • Serve as a forum for discussion for State transportation decisions affecting freight mobility
  • Promote the sharing of information between the private and public sectors on freight issues
  • Provide input on regional transportation policies that impact freight movements
  • Help prioritize freight-related transportation infrastructure investment that is overseen by the MPO
  • Aid in the MPO’s efforts to improve public recognition of freight’s importance in the regional economy
  • Improve regional coordination to address problems of shared interest

Freight Committee Members

  • Carlos Padilla, Federal Highway Administration
  • Linsey Callaghan, Rhode Island Division of Planning
  • Hunter Charles, Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Services, Providence & Worcester
  • Dan Cusumano, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Paul D'Abbracio, Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency
  • Deborah Rosen, University of Rhode Island
  • David Everett, City of Providence
  • John Gadrow, Rhode Island State Police
  • Elizabeth Robson, J.F. Moran and Johnson & Wales
  • Marcel Lussier, Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation
  • Robert Blackburn, Quonset Development Corporation
  • Chris Maxwell, Rhode Island Trucking Association
  • Christos Xenophontos, Rhode Island Department of Transportation
  • Dan Porter, Rhode Island Airport Corporation
  • John Riendeau, Rhode Island Commerce Corporation
  • Katherine Trapani, Quonset Development Corporation
  • Chris Waterson, Waterson Terminal Services / ProvPort

The FAC will meet on a quarterly basis or more frequently if needed.