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The Rhode Island Department of Administration, Division of Statewide Planning supports the State Planning Council, and the Water Resources Board.

Statewide Planning

Statewide Planning prepares and maintains plans for the physical, economic, and social development of the state; encourages their implementation; and coordinates the actions of state, local and federal agencies and private individuals within the framework of the state's development goals and policies. The basic charge is established by Sections 42-11-10 and 12 of the General Laws. The Statewide Planning Program consists of the State Planning Council and staff who specialize in land use, comprehensive planning, GIS, transportation and other related topics.

Statewide Planning, acting as staff to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is recertified by the United States Department of Transportation every four (4) years. The last recertification took place in 2014. The recertification report is available below.

Unified Planning Work Program

The activities of Statewide Planning are guided by a Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). The UPWP for fiscal year 2019 can be found here FY 2019 UPWP. Statewide Planning prepares quarterly reports detailing the progress of activities contained in the UPWP.

Rhode Island Water Resources Board

The Rhode Island Water Resources Board and Water Resources Board Corporate have broad authority in planning, developing, and managing public water supplies. Together, these two agencies support the proper development, protection, conservation and use of the state's water resources while providing for economic development and protection for the environment.

The Rhode Island Water Resources Board Corporate ("Board Corporate") is a legal entity separate from the Board. It is a body politic and corporate and a public instrumentality of the state having a distinct legal existence from the state and not constituting a department of state government. The Board Corporate is charged with establishing water supply facilities, leasing those facilities to cities, towns, districts and other municipal, quasi-municipal or private corporations or companies engaged in the water supply business in Rhode Island, contracting for use of such facilities, or selling the water derived from, carried by or processed in such facilities. Board members are also members of the Board Corporate.